Jadwiga Parecka


Category IV. Scientific research, documentation and animation, popularization of folk culture

Bukovina Highlanders

Jadwiga Parecka – organiser of social-cultural activities, author of numerous publications on the music and dance folklore, customs, dialect and culinary culture of the Bukovina Highlanders (Górale Bukowińscy). Founder of the ensembles Zespół Watra, Górale Czadeccy and Mała Watra.

Brzeźnica, Lubuskie Voivodeship, Górale Bukowińscy (Bukovina Highlanders) ethnographic group

Jadwiga Parecka received her master’s diploma after defending a thesis about the Bukovina dialect. In 1968, she was involved in preparing a public performance based on the traditions of Bukovina, for which she, her family and friends started collecting information on their culture from the oldest generations of people who had arrived in Lubusz Land (Ziemia Lubuska) from Bukovina.

The result of these meetings was the foundation of the Zespół Górali Czadeckich (Czadca Highlanders Ensemble) ‘Watra’, which became the vital part of her subsequent enterprises. Drawing on the knowledge and expertise she had gained, she developed art programmes that faithfully recreated the traditional forms of dances, music and customs.

Parecka is an author of publications on the legends, dialect, costumes, dances, music and culinary culture of the Bukovina Highlanders. She collaborated with the researchers of traditional culture, including Grażyna Władysława Dąbrowska, while editing information on Bukovina-based dances for the lexicon titled Taniec w polskiej tradycji (Dance in Polish Tradition).

Thanks to her passion, the customs of her ancestors from Bukovina were transferred to Lubusz Land and passed on to the younger generations. The culture that originated in Bukovina is well-known there today and given as an example of a cultural legacy that is maintained in a region where integration of diverse communities was rather difficult. Jadwiga Parecka’s role in this work cannot be denied. The dedication of the members of the ensemble has made it possible to start working on the Centrum Kultury Górali Bukowińskich (Centre for the Culture of the Bukovina Highlanders) that will be located in the village of Brzeźnica.

In recognition of her accomplishments, Jadwiga has been awarded the honorary medal ‘For Merit to Lubuskie Voivodeship’, the ‘Distinguished Cultural Activist’ medal, the honorary medal ‘For Merit to Polish Culture’, the Gold Cross of Merit and other honours.